We are a close-knit family that takes pride in what we do; we are dedicated to seeing that our guests are happy and ensuring your villa rental experience is a unique and unforgettable one.
Your holiday’s success depends on the collaborative effort of many. Our greatest asset is our Housination team and local networks.



 HOUSINATION — Travel Transformed

At the heart of Housination is its founder, Mikela Varagis. Born into the Varagis family, a family famed for iconic furniture design for over a century, her childhood was virtually a design tutorial.
Mikela’s upbringing was centered on ‘breathing architecture and design’, between her father’s work as an architect and her hotelier mother’s eye for design, leading to a life filled with a flurry of creativity and travel. After years of using her design consultation services to put her artistic stamp on many of the luxury villas in the marketplace, Mikela conceived Housination as the first full-service, boutique villa rental agency for the Aegean region, bringing two decades of high-end real estate expertise and an exclusive network of commercial partners to each and every Housination service.
Housination was built around a simple premise—provide a personal touch that transforms a place into an experience. We’re travelers ourselves, so we know what matters, which is why we hand-select and inspect every villa, making sure everything is perfect for your arrival, and leveraging our close ties to villa owners to provide a full-service approach to our clients. We think of absolutely everything, carefully orchestrating every detail of your stay from the first moment you contact us.