A network of footpaths and country roads via the pine and mulberry forests lead to pretty villages and mountain springs.

Although it belongs to the mostly infertile Cycladic complex, Andros is a verdant island. Its lush valleys and imposing mountains are complimented by no less than 300 sandy beaches

Andros has a fascinating archaeological and cultural heritage, with plenty of museums to visit and historic sites to explore. The entertainment options are also numerous, with a plethora of restaurants, bars and nightclubs to chose from.
Capital: Andros town
Size: 380 km2
Accessibility: By flying to Athens and taking a ferry from Piraeus or Rafina ports
By flying to Mykonos and taking a ferry to Andros



The island carries a rich naval tradition which is eminent in its architecture. The neoclassical 19th century mansions which belonged to the captains grant the main town, Hora, an air of old-style elegance. Together with Hora, the unpretentious port of Gavrio and the colorful resort of Batsi attract most of the visitors



The contrast where nature combines waterfalls and natural springs, and wild dry land. Discover the most amazing secluded beaches of the Cyclades.
Don’t miss the Goulandris museum of modern art, exhibiting from famous artists such as Picasso and Matisse to upcoming talents.
The unique neoclassical architecture of Hora, with its interiors influenced by the captains’ travels abroad.


IF YOU ARE a meat and dairy lover, you will find organic meat from home-grown cows and goats
IF YOU LOVE hiking, Andros has an impressive network of over 300km footpaths.
Don’t miss the famous “Fourtalia” a type of omelet made with local potatoes and sausage
Go off-road to explore many isolated beaches on the Northern and Eastern parts of the island?

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Events calendar

Windsurfing Race in Korthi

An International race

St. Fanourios local feast

Taking place in August 27th


Oct. 25th-26th: A type of feast where families gathered for the preparation and storage of pork meat, so that it is consumed in winter

Gavriotika cultural festival

1st - 15th of August, in Gavrio

St. John Prodromos festival

A folk feast with food and wine taking place on the 29th of August