It was thanks to Hollywood that it became extremely popular. After the filming of “Captain Corelli's Mandolin” the world felt in love with Kefalonia’s beautiful landscapes and vivid life. From Fiscardo to Levatho, from Paliki and Lixouri to Poros and Skala, the island is full of sand and pebbled beaches.

Location: Ionian Islands

Size: 781 km2
Capital: Argostoli
Accessibility: By flying to Kefalonia airport. There are charter flights from abroad from April to October.
By boat: There are four ports: Fiskardo, Sami, Poros and Pessada, connceting the other Ionian islands, or the mainland.
By car: Driving to Patra or Killini (and taking the ferry to Kefalonia (3-4 hours ride)



Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands and one of the most famous sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. The island has always been prosperous and cosmopolitan thanks to its tradition of sailing and trading.


The rugged mountains, pretty villages and beautiful beaches create a scenery of dramatic beauty.
The white sand beach of Myrtos is regarded as one of the best in Europe. Argostoli, the island’s capital, is a modern town with many places of interest that feature the island’s rich cultural heritage.


DON'T MISS the monuments, castles and remote monasteries are complimented by a wide range of entertainment venues and restaurants, making Kefalonia a perfect holiday getaway.

DON'T MISS the food of Kyra Tassia in Fiskardo

Events calendar

Barcarole Custom

In Assos and Lixouri musicians and singers light candles on boats in order to sing and dance

Kefalonia Theatrical Festival

Every 15th of July in Argostoli

Naval Week of Kefalonia

Several celebrations and parades take place every June

Saristra Music Festival

During August in the village of Sami