Greece is a gift that keeps on giving. Though its size may be small, the wonders are abundant. You may spend a lifetime exploring it and still find yourself amazed at the sight of a new discovery.



Myth, history and reality converge at every island or mountain village and they all have their unique story to tell. From the spectacular beaches of Chalkidiki to the traditional atmosphere of Samos, you can be a part of the story and create indelible memories.Though less renowned, these Greek gems can effortlessly compare to more distinguished destinations in terms of natural beauty, luxury, unforgettable gustatory experiences and unparalleled hospitality.Dare to discover them and find a new house to call home, even if it is just for a few days.



The 9km of sandy beaches of Porto Karras in Chalikidiki, where you will stumble upon 25 secluded and unspoiled coves of blue-green shades. The Wine Route of Chalkidiki, where wine goes back to Aristotle who planted a vineyard in his hometown of Stagira. The green paradise that is Samos. The island of Pythagoras is away from any notion of the tourism industry, a refuge for seekers of purity. The feeling of being so close and - at the same time - so far away from Athens that Aegina offers. The butterfly shape of Chora in Astypalea, a view that lingers in your mind long after you wave goodbye to this secret Greek island.




Indulge in the local cuisine of Chalkidiki. From marvellous mussels to rich wild boar meat at the high-end restaurants as well as the local tavernas. Marvel at the awe-inspiring sunrise at the beach of Mykali in Samos, a well-kept secret that can put Santorini to shame.
Treat yourself to a scoop or more of the best pistachio ice cream while strolling around the port of Aegina. Relax while looking at Venetian Castle of Astypalea with an inspired cocktail at hand courtesy of All “Sti Thea” bar.


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