Mykonos holds the title of most renowned among the Greek islands and keeps cultivating its own myth.Mykonos is not only fun, it is also a place where splendid sceneries are complimented by a wide range of upscale bars and restaurants to create an ideal holiday haven.


Location: Cyclades
Capital: Mykonos town
Size: 105.2 km2
Accessibility: By ferry or plane from Athens, other Greek islands and abroad

A long time has passed since the ‘60s, when Aristotle Onassis and his eponymous friends used to stroll the town and Mykonos still fascinates travelers from all over the world. The locals have managed the extraordinary task of creating an international destination without losing their greek identity. The stark white cubic houses, crystal clear waters and all-night parties attract a mix of jet-setters, fashionistas and celebrities. Someone would be quick to point out that Mykonos is just a party island, however it offers a quiet side that will satisfy travelers and holds the distinction of having one the best sunsets in the world.




Japanese recipes with Peruvian influences and Greek products under the creative direction of Matsuhisa Nobu. All the beaches: hard to find one you will not love! Τhe picture-perfect village of Ano Mera where delicious cheese and yoghurt is made at a family farm. The numerous concierge services, ready to satisfy even the most rock’n’roll demands.



Taste the temptation of Mykonian louza pork fillet and kopanisti cheese. Don’t miss one the amazing DJ venues when the sun is rising at 6 am. Go on a day trip to Delos and visit the exquisite ancient ruins. Watch the sunrise at Armenistis lighthouse.

Events calendar

XLSIOR Festival

International gay festival at the end of August with happenings all around the island

The Fishermen Feast

A celebration of fishermen at the beach of Chora (Mykonos Town) in late June

The Grape Harvest

Annual festival on the 2nd Sunday of September where you can take part in the pressing of grapes

feast of virgin mary

Local folk feast in honor of the Virgin Mary in the monastery of Panagia Tourliani on August 15th