One of the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese, part of an archipelago that forms the shape of a seahorse looking east, Patmos is accessible only by boat or helicopter.

It was here that St. John the Theologian is said to have retired to a cave to write the Book of Revelations and the island today remains a sacred pilgrimage site where mysticism combines fluidly with cosmopolitan elegance due to the discrete celebrities and fashion elite who make their own crusade of sorts to the island each year as well.

Location: Dodecanese islands
Capital: Patmos town
Size: 34 km2
Accessibility: By ferry from Athens, Mykonos, Paros, or Kos



Elegant and picturesque, the island’s main town, medieval Chora, is characterized by labyrinthine cobblestone alleys overflowing with Bougainvillea and whitewashed houses, nestled below the Byzantine ramparts surrounding the monastery of St. John. By day, there is a spectacular view of the stunning volcanic valleys and cliffs, alternating with blue sky and a sea speckled with islets. At night, the village lights sparkle on top of the hills, creating a magical star formation floating in the sky. This picturesque harmony continues on the drive – or walk, Patmos has some wonderfully preserved footpaths – down to the sheltered seaside. The surrounding bay boasts a variety of unspoiled beaches and local villages with taverns serving unassuming, authentic food using local products and featuring homemade specialties. Overall, Patmos provides an ideal getaway destination for today’s modern bohemian; a remote location with sufficient modern comforts in an environment conducive to the greatest luxury of all: that of sitting in silence by the sea and letting the waves wash away the frantic rhythms of modern life.






The island beach shacks, small independently owned canteens serving traditional egg dishes and small, freshly caught fish such as smelt and anchovies. A rare treat on the beaches in Greece these days.Wind down for dinner by watching the sun set from town or the seaside. Followed by fine dining, small plates or a feast at a local fish tavern. Whatever the mood, the pace will be leisurely and the atmosphere appealing. The upmarket cafés and tasteful restaurants can be found in the harbor town of Skala or a leisurely excursion by boat to a neighboring islet to swim, sun and – in some cases - dine is a definite must-do as well.



A small island but with a variety of beautiful beaches, discover multi-colored stone beaches, shaded capes, as well as the discovery of the pretty of the neighboring islets accessible by boat.

IF YOU ARE adventurous, don’t miss a day trip to the eco-area of Tigania for an unforgettable swim in the pristine waters.

IF YOU WANT to stay in, we can provide you with the information you need for the best eggs from local hens, the best bakery, produce stand, wine cellar and spitiko (homemade food) to take back home with you.

Don't miss Katsikaki Kapama kid goat cooked with tomatoes, fried potatoes and cinnamon, and Dasogalo, a libation of almonds and rose water drunk on Good Friday

Events calendar

Easter in Patmos

An amazing experience of the traditional Orthodox Easter

Patmos International Film Festival

Every year in July, the PIFF provides a weeklong platform for promoting independent storytelling by bringing together filmmakers, artists and foundations from independent cinema and art around the world.