Although widely known as a religious center, attracting many pilgrims who come here to visit the church of Panaghia Megalochari, Tinos is an island of great natural beauty and has more than 40 unspoilt villages waiting to be explored. The rugged hillsides are peppered with ornate dovecotes, legacy of the Venetian influence.



Location: Cyclades

Capital: Tinos Hora (port area)
Size: 194 km2
Accessibility: By flying to Mykonos and taking a 20'-30' ferry
By ferry from Athens, from Rafina or Piraeus ports (2-3.5 hours)
By helicopter (30' ride)

Enshrined in the famous church of Panagia Megalochari is an icon of Virgin Mary which is considered to have healing powers. The icon is said to have been found in 1822 on the land where the church now stands.
Although widely known as a religious center Tinos is one of the most tranquil and unspoilt of the Cycladic islands. The coastline features many beautiful beaches and seclude coves. Exobourgo is a rocky pinnacle crowned by a Venetian fortress. The town of Tinos features a number of Venetian mansions and a cluster of Catholic churches. Tinos also has a long tradition in arts and is homeland to famous Greek sculptors and painters.




Its long cultural history; Tinos is world famous for its marble sculpture mainly, its painters and basket weavers.
The contrast of bare, dry landscapes and mountainous villages with natural water streams and lush nature
If you are a foodie, Tinos is the place to go
If you love activities, Tinos offers a variety of things to do. Go to Kolibithra beach for surf lessons and lounging at the beach bar, or go for trekking to one of the 10 ancient paths.



Visit the Marble Museum in Tinos
Attend events during the Cultural Festival
Try the Tinian "Louza" a smoked pork delicacy, along with some local cheese
Attend a pottery workshop in Atelier Aicher
Visit the Nissos microbrewery to learn how beer is produced.

Events calendar

Jazz Festival

Taking place every August

Festival of Tinos

Every summer, numerous cultural events take place on the island

Honey Festival

Taking place in September in Kambos

Raki Festival

Taking place every September